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Beyond Recovery delivers a series of bespoke programmes that share a simple understanding called the Three Principles. By understanding how our state-of-mind affects our actions, we tackle the root cause of our behaviour and uncover our natural resilience, confidence, clarity and self-esteem. Realising this enables us to access our innate health regardless to the situation. Beyond Recovery uses a combination of teaching, group discussion and peer support to enable self discovery and connection with others. Our social mission is to revolutionize the way addiction and mental health is viewed and treated through a paradigm shift in our understanding and perception of how life works from the inside out.

Jul 28, 2017

In this episode of BR Diaries, Jacqueline Hollows and her "Wisdom Entrepreneurs" explore how to deal with insecure thinking that comes up when preparing for a talk, writing a copy or showing up for a workshop. They share their latest insights around:

  • We're always learning
  • Hearing Your Own Wisdom 
  • How to write copy from a 3P place
  • Focus on what you know
  • We don't have to do anything until we have to do it